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Core: $99 p/m


  • Access to LinkedIn subscriptions
  • Extended network access
  • Reach out – InMail
  • Find the right people
  • Prioritize & qualify
  • Integrate with your sales tools
  • Keep track of people & companies
  • Administrative tools & reporting

Advanced: $149.99 p/m $79.49 p/m

Included *Most Popular*

  • 47% discount, pay $79.49 p/m – instead of $149.99 p/m!
  • Extended network access
  • Reach out – InMail
  • Find the right people
  • Prioritize & qualify
  • Integrate with your sales tools
  • Keep track of people & companies
  • Prioritize account outreach & speak as a trusted advisor
  • Engage with your prospects & customers using your team’s network
  • Advanced outreach — package content and track engagement
  • Administrative tools & reporting
  • Centralized billing for contracts sold through LinkedIn corporate sales
  • Enterprise tools

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  • Bonus 1: Free access to our 7 Figure Academy (learn how to nail Sales Navigator, LinkedIn and other tools for quality leads on autopilot.)
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Important: We only have a certain amount of free slots. Once we hit that number, the doors are closed!


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